B99 Season 1 Quotes

B99 Season 1 Quotes. The following day, nbc picked. Comedy series following the exploits of det.

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Here are the funniest jake peralta quotes that will make you fall in love with him even more. “jake, why don’t you just do the right thing and jump out of a window?”. I was born for politics.

Quote From Captain Holt In The Episode Tactical Village.

She's probably too busy to see friends. But the best nugget of wisdom we gained from charles was back in season 1. Shop b99 quotes onesies created by independent artists from around the globe.

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The whole series of 'brooklyn nine nine' is full of humor and fun. 151 notes # brooklyn nine nine # b99 # incorrect quotes # incorrect brooklyn nine nine quotes # incorrect brooklyn nine nine # source: At least how it’s represented in the movie ratatouille.”.

And When This Is Over, I'm Going To Find You, And I'm Going To Break Those Little Fingers.

“title of your sex tape.”. Vin diesel and i shave our heads because we think it looks good.”. Once again, charles boyle delivered a classic line when discussing a fairly random argument about who in the squad would win if they all had their hands tied behind their backs.

Great 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Quotes.

Gee, does that mean i can’t go to your birthday party and ride the pony? It originally aired 15th october 2013 to 3.43 million viewers. Season 7 quotes page 1 of 51.

Diaz, Please Stop Threatening The Stenographer!

“if i die, turn my tweets into a book.”. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. Jake surmises scully would win since he has the hardest head.

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